Visa Can Still Be Revoked by the US Embassy in Manila After it is Issued

Imagine for a moment that the US Embassy in Manila issues you a B1/ B2 Visitor Visa. After receiving it in the mail, the Embassy sends you a notice that your visa has been revoked and that you are required to return to the consular section so that your visitor visa can be physically cancelled.

Unfortunately, situations like the one described above do happen from time to time and the ability to regain your visa will not only depend on the facts of your case, it will also depend on whether your attorney holds the correct knowledge in helping you regain your visa. Therefore, if your visa has been revoked by the US Embassy in Manila, it is always best to consult with an American immigration lawyer in the Philippines that has a specific focus on consular processing matters at the Manila Consulate.

Grounds for Visa Revocation

Even after the visitor visa is issued, US consular officers are vested with broad discretion in the ability to revoke a visitor visa. The Embassy may revoke a visa on the basis of several statutory grounds. Some of these grounds include the following:

1. The consular officer later determines that the visitor visa holder is ineligible to temporarily enter the United States based on health, criminal, security, or other serious concerns;

2. The visa holder maintains limited ties with the Philippines by making numerous, long-term visits to the United States and while in country, they extend their status;

3. The visitor visa holder has been issued an immigrant visa.

Before the US Embassy in Manila can revoke the visa, the visa holder must be contacted by the Consulate and be given an interview. The visa holder can explain during the interview why their visa should not be revoked. Having the assistance of a US immigration and consular processing attorney in the Philippines can be a tremendous help in being able to guide the visa holder through these steps. If however the visa holder cannot be found, the Embassy will notify the airlines of the revocation and if the person is already on the plane en route to the United States, they will be detained upon arrival and their visa will be revoked by Customs and Border Control.

If your visitor visa was revoked or if you have been contacted by the US Embassy in Manila requiring you to appear before the Consulate to discuss the possibility of your visa being revoked, contact a US immigration and consular processing lawyer in the Philippines.

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